• Sarah


Financial Co-Ordinator

What is your job role at Blackwell?

I have worked at Blackwell since 1984 and my current position is Financial Co-Ordinator. Having been here for over 35 years, my roles have been many and varied, from helping with toilet cleaning to keeping the books!

What's your favourite thing about Blackwell?

My favourite thing about Blackwell is the friendly staff, attractive surrounding and being able to meet a huge array of people from all walks of life.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I am an avid motorcycle fan, one of my favourite riders being John McGuiness. We love to go out on the bike and one day I intend to do a lap of the TT course in a sidecar outfit. I also love Elvis and my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Ruby.

Sarah - Blackwell Adventure